Daniel Ednfield is a musical artist who is known for music scores, 80's synthwave and is the creator of the Night Keep a company known for it's dark ambient tones. He is also responsible for the awesome music you will hear inside of Darkness Pines Haunted Trail. He will be joining us on Oct. 30th to meet fans and to Pod cast live. 

We will be open Thursday October 27th - Monday October 31st. Ticket sales begin at 7:30 PM and end at Midnight. Tickets are $15 for Regular Tour and $18 for the Survival Pass.  

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Special Guest on October 30th and 31st Sonya Thompson from the Walking Dead, Zombieland and many other roles will be joining us. Sonya is an accomplished actress best known for her roles as zombies. She will be joining us to take pictures and sign autographs. 

Extra fees will apply for celebrity autographs and photos.